We help coaches scale their businesses with videos that change lives

Life-changing video? Yep, that’s what we offer. Anyone can make a video, but as coaches, we want more than that. We want to change lives in the best ways possible. In this program I teach you how to scale your business with video, and make story-based, life changing videos that YOU can make again and again.

You might recognize some of our work

Brig Johnson

We believe that video is the secret ingredient to scaling your business

Video replicates your time, money, and energy, so you can achieve your goals.

That’s why we want to teach you how to make them. Because who doesn’t want more time, money, and energy? Video does just that. It’s like a copy machine, but what you’re duplicating is you. Your clients can learn from you, be sold to by you, and be coached by you, and while your video is doing that, you are relaxing, learning, or creating more mind-blowing value to uplevel their lives.

Life-changing video sounds bold, but we stand by it

So do our clients

Brooke Castillo

The Life Coach School

“He is an absolute pleasure and joy to work with. Having Matt behind the camera when I’m recording is the answer to me producing my best work. He is amazing. If you have the opportunity to hire him, you should do it immediately!”

Katrina Ubell

Weight Loss for Busy Physicians

“If you are a coach who really wants to be able to convey to the world the amazing work that you do and the impact you want to make in the world, Matt is the person to help you accomplish that.”

Jody Moore

Jody Moore Coaching

“There are three reasons why I highly recommend Matt and love working with him: He’s really good at what he does, he can also manage the tasks side of things (project management side of things), and finally, he genuinely cares.”

You need video — I’m your guy

Hi, I’m Matt Kjar- an Emmy award winning photographer and producer who found coaching when I was going through my own existential expansion, (watch more about that here) and knew that coaching was, well, life-changing.

I had over 20 years of experience working in television, interviewing celebrities, working with the Olympics, and telling people’s stories, but this was different. Coaching felt more mind-bending than what I’d experienced before, and I knew I had to help get this work out into the world.

So I did what I knew how to do

 I made a video

And I sent one of the most presumptuous emails I’ve ever sent in my life, saying, “You need video- I’m your guy.” Because of that email (and a lot of hours behind the camera and in the edit bay), I’m here…and you’re here.

Building and scaling a business seems daunting, but with video you can change more lives, more quickly. Your life has been changed by video (maybe one I made?).  Maybe it was the video that sold you to join a program or taught you a new principle or practice. But you’ve watched one of these videos, and you’ve changed your life. You reached a health goal. You changed a relationship. You made money or became a coach – maybe all of the above.

Your life is different

That change happened through video

Video is an emotional medium, and we are emotional beings. Our decisions, actions, and purchasing are fueled by our feelings. Video cuts right to the center of our emotions and ripples into our lives. And storytelling is at the heart of life-changing video.

Anyone can make a video, but we want to teach you how to make life- and business-changing videos. That’s what we’ve done for so many of our clients. This work is so beneficial, and it needs to be shared!  What better way to share it than in a video that can work for you? It can outlast you, and will connect with others well into the future. We want to help you scale your business with video.

That’s why we’re offering you our storytelling guide for free. Stories make the best videos. If you take nothing else away from this site, please get this FREE Storytelling Guide. It’s a mini-course on what we offer in “Lights, Camera, Action” and it will help you start telling better stories today.

Start making life-changing video

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