Let’s tell your story

Stories are in our DNA

They are part of us, and everything we do. Stories are how we communicate. Storytelling is so powerful. It takes our thoughts, mixes them with feelings, and heads straight for the action we want to take. The action we want our clients to take. Story-based videos stick in our minds.

The trouble is, most of us get in our own way when it comes to making videos.

We are afraid of getting it wrong, or doing it wrong. We don’t know which stories to tell, or how to even use video for clients in the first place. And once we come around to the idea that maybe this might be as amazing as everyone says it is, we still have to navigate all the tech. Which camera? Which microphone? Which editing software? “Now I have to learn how to edit? That’s not why I got into this business! I just want to coach, and change lives. Why do I have to mess with all this other stuff?”

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

With our program Lights, Camera, Action,

We have simplified it all for you. We are going to turn on all the lights in your brain, and shine them in every corner so you can see what you think about your business, and video in particular. We will teach you to focus the camera on what you want to have happen in your business, and the key video-based stories that will get you there. Then we will take action to make it happen. We have short tutorials on equipment, setting up your lights, camera, and microphone. Not “techy”? No problem! We’ve taken the trickiest bits and simplified them to make it easy for you to succeed.

You won’t be doing this alone!

We will be by your side every step of the way.

To guide you when you get stuck, and get you rolling again. We have calls where you can ask how to handle tech, brainstorm ways to tell your stories, and make it super simple to take action and make your videos.

We even have a VIP option where we do some of the work for you, because our mission is to help you be seen and heard. Our goal is to help you succeed.

In Lights, Camera, Action you’ll get clear on your message and how to share that with your ideal client through story-based videos. We will help you with the 3 key stories every business needs (Your Origin Story, Mission Story and Results Stories). It’s versions of these 3 stories that have helped our clients make millions of dollars, and have lasting impact in their client’s lives.

Life-changing video sounds bold, but we stand by it

So do our clients

Krista St Germain

Coaching for Widowed Moms

“I knew I could trust Matt with my clients. I asked my clients to share really hard details about their lives and tell their stories, and there’s no one that I trust more than Matt to tell those important stories.”

Jody Moore

Jody Moore Coaching

“There are three reasons why I highly recommend Matt and love working with him: He’s really good at what he does, he can also manage the tasks side of things (project management side of things), and finally, he genuinely cares.”

Brooke Castillo

The Life Coach School

“He is an absolute pleasure and joy to work with. Having Matt behind the camera when I’m recording is the answer to me producing my best work. He is amazing. If you have the opportunity to hire him, you should do it immediately!”

So, what’s stopping you?
Let’s figure it out together.

Schedule a call and we can make a customized plan for you.

We will get clear on where you want to take your business and if you are ready to work with us. We don’t work with everyone, so we want to make sure we’re a good match. The number of participants we allow to join the program is limited, but the impact is profound. Schedule a call, and let’s start telling your story.