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Naked, wet, and cold, I stood there in our broken down RV and seriously started questioning every decision I’d made up until now.

Here I was in a parking lot of the Nashville fairgrounds and the question kept sounding in my head… “How did I get here? What am I doing?”

See, it was almost 6 months into what most people would consider a dream.

We decided to sell everything and go on a year-long road trip to see all 50 states. We called it 50 by 52. An empathy expedition with my wife, and 4 school aged children, spending a day with complete strangers and seeing what life was like in their shoes..

But I was miserable.

6 months earlier I’d told all my clients goodbye and left the Emmy award winning show I was working on, telling stories all around the country. A show I absolutely loved. We sold our home, cars, and everything we’d collected over 15 years as we built our life together, and hit the road.

What I didn’t leave behind was my identity.

The story I’d carefully crafted as the award winning , bacon bringing, client pleasing, overachiever. I had one client nickname me “Radar” (from Mash) because I had a solution before she even knew there was a problem.

But this existential expansion was NOT on my radar. It hit me fast and hard. I quickly realized that nearly everything I’d tied my value to was gone. What I was left with was uncomfortable, and it didn’t seem like I was contributing.

Most of our day to day tasks my wife could do. She even liked driving the RV. What value did I bring?
So as I stood there, soap slipping down the drain, mixed with my ego, I knew I had to change something. Enter coaching.

I learned quickly that I could make this experience mean anything I wanted.

That is when everything changed.

As we came back from the trip I had a choice to make.

Go back to what I had known… overworking, disengaging, and putting my value in other’s hands, OR, I could choose the stories I wanted to tell. That’s when I sent that first email: “You need video — I’m your guy!” and started doing videos for life coaches.

See, the work I’d done had been good. Sundance, the Olympics, and other television shows were still exciting parts of my career, but this work had changed me from the inside out, so I wanted to spread it!

everything changed

That’s WHY we work with coaches and teach them to tell their stories and scale with video.

We want them to be seen and heard.

We want to be a huge part of up-leveling the mental health of the world. So we start by doing what we know how to do- we make videos that tell stories.

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