Is your brain’s negativity bias protecting you? How to get into the flow.

I’ve been noticing, is how we as people have a negativity biasOur brains are just naturally focused on the things that might go wrong.

 It’s actually been coming up a lot more within myself as I’m doing something outside of my comfort zone. This negativity bias is just our brain’s way of protecting us. We tend to give more weight to negative information than positive.

It could be something as simple as:“My kid got a D on this test,” and focusing there instead of looking at the other 6 A’s and B’s. It could be focusing on breaking news, or something “wrong” in the world.

Story Time:
When I first began my career in broadcasting, I worked with the local CBS affiliate. Each morning the anchors would put on their serious face as they began the newscast, telling of the latest house fires, car crashes, or murders that happened while viewers were asleep. I remember them drawing out the information. “Teasing” that there would be, “More to come in the next hour… But first, traffic and weather…” 

Even as an employee I wondered, “What else am I missing out on?” I’d be waiting to find out if that crash, or fire, or murder, was near someone I loved. Would it impact me? I learned very quickly when I wanted to tune out, and when I wanted to pay attention. I became increasingly aware of this brain bias. I knew that while it sometimes is useful- it is something I wanted to counteract in my life. 

That is one reason I love coaching! It helps us slow our thoughts down and recognize our negative brain bias. Our brains are very much like a television or radio receiver. We scan and focus on that negativity bias so we can catch anything that might endanger us.

Those negative messages seem to have an extra strong hold inside of us. 
When it comes to scaling with video, where it shows up with some of my clients (and to be honest, inside myself), include:

• Thoughts about our messaging
• Thoughts about our delivery
• Thoughts about if we are doing it right

They might sound innocent, like: “That video should have had more views.” 
“I should have had more people sign up for my webinar/freebie”
“I should have done that differently”

But when it comes down to it, it’s just our brain’s way of trying to save us from some unknown, unseen danger. 

Nothing has gone wrong. But we can choose which messages we want to listen to, and then choose what we want to do with those messages. Because choosing and taking action is what changes the way our brain interprets those messages. Action gets us moving forward. 

Be seen, Be heard, Tell better stories

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