Last post we talked about my NFL playing Uber driver. 

When it comes to sports, you have:

• players
• teams 
• programs

Each help you win. 

When you want to continuously win, you transition from a star player, to a team, to a program. 

Another analogy that I like comes from this scene from “Only Murders in the Building.” The producer of the play talks about the importance of a showstopper in a musical. Here is the scene that describes it perfectly. 

A showstopper is what attracts people in to watch the musical. It’s that one “song so irresistible it’s like a syringe that shoots from Broadway straight into the neck of Debbie from Duluth who becomes an addict from the first second she hears it.” The showstopper is the main player in the show.

Sometimes you have several songs that grab the crowd, and notable actors too. Now you’ve got an epic show

And if you have something that is proven, and can be performed over and over, then you have a franchise.

A musical example of this is “Hamilton” from Lin-Manuel Miranda. If it’s just one song, maybe “My Shot,” then it could be a good show, but it wouldn’t  get box office numbers like it did. Throw in some additional songs- “Helpless,” “You’ll be back” “Dear Theodisia”… Now you have an epic show. 

Then if Lin-Manuel can do it again and again (The Heights, Moana, Encanto), now you have a repeatable system, a program that can predictably duplicate success. 

So when it comes to video showstoppers, I think there are 3 parts that make them amazing. They are:

• Mission
• Story
• Emotion’

I got clarification of these ideas while developing a Spotify playlist of showstoppers from musicals. When I think about the showstopper videos I’ve made, they have these same 3 elements. A sense of mission, a visual or auditory story, and a sense of emotion. Next post I’m going to share with you how you can make a showstopper of your own. 


P.S. If you don’t want to wait until next post, schedule a call with me below and discover how we can make you a showstopper video that will get your clients banging on the door to work with you. 

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