When my Uber Driver was in NFL (the secret he shared)

A couple months ago I was attending an event with the Life Coach School. Days filled with learning, evenings filled with connecting, all around growth, and some discomfort. 

As I was riding back to the airport to return home, I struck up a conversation with my Uber driver. It started with him asking if I was going to be cheering for my local college football team. I very quickly found out his son plays football and he used to play in the NFL. 

Because I don’t know many former NFL players, it was fun to meet one as my Uber driver, and to talk with him about his journey into the major league. 

We talked for a bit about his son, and his desire to follow his dads example, play college ball, and then go pro. As he was describing his son’s experience, something struck a chord in me. 

I’ve filmed my fair share of professional sports. I worked for a time on a sports reality tv show, and I’ve worked with the Olympics since 2002 (9 different countries and games). Something you hear on sports frequently is the value of a “player,” the value of a “team,” and if they have won consistently, the value of “the program.”

You can do well with just one player- in fact that is where it all starts. A star player makes a huge difference. Winning has been built around a single good player- just get them the ball. 

When you get a few good players, then you have a team. With a team, one player doesn’t have to carry the whole thing. They can rely on each other. 

Once you’ve developed a team, that is when you notice the growth of a system or program. A set of values and routines that build up individual team members and help everyone rise. 

So you may be wondering what this has to do with video- Well that is exactly what I think is powerful because I want to help you do this same thing with your videos. 

It starts with a key player– A bullet video that gets people right in their feels. This video compels them to want to work with you

Then a team of video (the 3 key videos I think ever company should have to speak to their clients.) Then I teach you how to build a program of videos. That perform again and again. 

In the next post I’ll share how your bullet video would fit into a musical, and what it should contain.

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